59 » END OF CHAT AutoData | February 2019 “Subjects like subsidy, protection and more public expenses will not be discussed in my management.” “If you need to close [the factory], close it.” 2 % 124 % 1 408 38,5 A comment by Folha de S. Paulo newspaper to Carlos Alexandre da Costa, special secretary of productivity, employment and competitiveness at Brazil’s Ministry of Economy, during a meeting with Marcos Munhoz, vice president of GMB Carlos Alexandre da Costa himself in a speech at Itamaraty (Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on January 8 “All I can say is that I found the detention too long and too tough, and I told Abe that.” “I have no doubt that the complaints against me are the result of a plot and betrayal from Nissan executives.” Carlos Ghosn in an interview to Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper on January 30 Emmanuel Macron, the French president, mentioning a telephone conversation he held with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, about Ghosn’s arrest was the decrease in the ABCR (Brazilian Association of Highway Concessionaires) index regarding activity in 2018: it measures the toll flow of vehicles on the highways under concession. was the variation of gasoline price registered in December in Brazil, according to a survey by ValeCard: the gas stations throughout Brazil charged from R$ 3,19 to R$ 7,15 a liter. was the number of judicial recovery requests registered in Brazil in 2018, a slight decrease of 0.8% compared to 2017 according to Serasa Experian. 871 came from micro and small companies, 327 from medium and 210 from big enterprises. thousand jobs were closed in 2018 by the industry in Sao Paulo, according to a study by the Federation and Industry Center of Sao Paulo State. The category Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Bodies, however, closed the year with a positive balance of 4 thousand 513.