52 » END OF CHAT March 2019 | AutoData “Thank God there is traffic jam. Trafic jam is a sign of progress.” “If we lower taxes, everyone pays.” more power is offered by the current Formula E cars’ battery. That’s the equivalent to 14,2 % 15,5 % 63 % 25 % 85 % 5 000 1,35 Paulo Maluf, mayor of Sao Paulo at that time, in February 1996. Paulo Guedes, Brazil’s Minister of Economy, during a meeting with members of Fiep, Federation of Industries in the State of Parana, in February. was the decrease in the level of corporate default in Brazil in 2018, according to a study by the credit assessment firm Boa Vista: it considers returned checks, protested titles and registrations in SCPC. was the increase in the number of vehicle registrations in the State of Sao Paulo in 2018 according to data by Detran-SP: 886.7 thousand vehicles, added from motorcycles to trucks. In 2017, they accounted for 767.7 thousand. of the 100 largest companies in Fortune’s list have clear and public energy consumption goals, shows a global survey by Schneider Electric in partnership with GreenBiz Research. is the increase in demand for car rentals during the carnival in Brazil compared to months in low season, according to analysis by Abla, Brazilian Association of Car Rental Companies. is the current relation bicycle per inhabitant in the Netherlands: there are 23 million bicycles for 17 million inhabitants. full charged smartphones