JANEIRO 2024 129 Axalta has been leading the global coatings industry for more than 150 years while offering sustainable and innovative solutions to important industrial sectors. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has shaped our trajectory. The result is confident customers choosing quality, high-tech, and sustainable products. As a global leader, we stand out in the color and coating revolution because we are developing advanced technologies that beautify and protect the vehicle. We are committed to bring innovations that exceed expectations and enable our customers to raise their quality and performance standards. As well as high technology, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We invest in eco-efficient coatings and sustainable production processes once we are committed to preserve the environment. Over the decades, we have grown strongly, expanding our capacity through strategic acquisitions. Axalta has a dedicated team of talented professionals who work endlessly to spread our vision of a more colorful, efficient and sustainable world. Operating in more than 130 countries, Axalta is the choice of leading manufacturers in different sectors worldwide. ENGLISH VERSION INSTITUTIONAL AXALTA BRASIL Idade: 152 anos Tempo no Brasil: 60 anos País sede: Estados Unidos da América Sede no Brasil: Guarulhos - SP Filiais no Brasil: Presidente no Brasil: Mateus Aquino Diretor comercial: Leonardo Vidal - Mobility; Marcus Lima - Refinish; João Giongo - Indústria Diretor de compras: Marcelo Colasurdo Email comercial: PABX: 0800 019 40 30 Site: Redes sociais: @AxaltaBrasil (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin e Youtube)