JANEIRO 2024 87 Marcopolo is a Brazilian leader and a global reference in the development of solutions for passenger transport. Attentive to current and future demands for decarbonization and sustainability, it focuses on innovation and technology to encourage the market to think about the transport of the future, be it urban, road and tourist travel. Its most recent launches are the 100% electric bus Attivi Integral, in use in different Brazilian cities, and the Generation 8 of highway buses, a sales success in Brazil and on the international market. It also produces models powered by Hydrogen fuel cells at its units in China and Australia. With a strong presence in the international market, Marcopolo exports its road, urban and micro models to countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, such as Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Ghana and South Africa. Currently, Vehicles produced by the company are used in more than 140 countries. ENGLISH VERSION INSTITUTIONAL MARCOPOLO s. a. Idade: 75 anos Tempo no Brasil: 75 anos País sede: Brasil Sede no Brasil: Caxias do Sul - RS Filiais no Brasil: Conta com filiais e representantes comerciais em todas as regiões e principais capitais CEO: André Armaganijan Diretor de Operações Comerciais Mercado Interno e Marketing: Ricardo Portolan Diretor de Operações Internacionais e Comerciais Mercado Externo: José Luiz Moraes Goes Diretor de Aquisição Global: Alberto Calcagnotto Email comercial: PABX: Site: Redes sociais: @onibusmarcopolo (Instagram e Facebook)