JANEIRO 2024 89 With 25 years of activity, Volare is the leading Brazilian brand in the minibus segment and belongs to Marcopolo S.A. During this period, it conquered the market with the production of almost 80 thousand units and the most complete line of models, with configurations of 6 to 10 tons of PBT. With more than 65% share of the Brazilian market, it develops and manufactures vehicles that meet the needs and characteristics of urban public passenger transport with efficiency, agility and robustness. Operating in more than 30 countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, Volare has two manufacturing units, one in Caxias do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul, and the other in São Mateus, in Espírito Santo, and has approximately 50 service points in Brazil, in addition to more than 20 abroad. The brand’s great differentiators, and what has made it a leading brand in transport in large markets, are innovation and the capacity and speed of diversifying the product portfolio to anticipate market transformations and offer the operator a vehicle that is more adapted to demand, both for a regular line as complementary transport. The brand was the first to develop in Brazil, in 1999, the first minibus for school transport and, since 2007, it has supplied its models for the Caminho da Escola program, such as the Attack 8, Attack 4x4. And it also developed and launched the Volare Access, the first low-floor, rear-engine and fully accessible minibus, the first 100% electric microbus, and also the Fly 10, the one with the highest transport capacity on the market. With a wide portfolio of vehicles, the brand has the Attack, Fly and Access lines, and offers different configurations, with the capacity to transport up to 50 passengers and which offer a better cost/benefit ratio. ENGLISH VERSION INSTITUTIONAL volare Idade: 25 anos Tempo no Brasil: 25anos País sede: Brasil Sede no Brasil: Caxias do Sul/RS Filiais no Brasil: A marca possui uma rede de concessionárias no Brasil e no exterior, com mais de 70 pontos de venda, sendo quase 50 no Brasil e 20 no exterior Presidente/ CEO/ Brasil: André Armaganijan Diretor de Operações Comerciais Mercado Interno e Marketing: Ricardo Portolan Diretor de Operações Comerciais e Internacionais: José Luiz Moraes Goes Email comercial: PABX: Site: Redes sociais: @onibusvolare (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)