Market has the best year beginning since 2015 More on pg. 4 Exports have the worst month since 2016 More on pg. 5 Domestic market keeps truck production positive More on pg. 6 Anfavea seeks (with the government of Sao Paulo state) to create actions to simplify the payment of ICMS (tax on goods and services) credits owed to the sector - accumulated by the exports, which are exempt from taxes, and by tax substitution processes. Its president, Antonio Megale, said, on Wednesday, 6, that there will be from R$ 6 billion to R$ 7 billion in credits accumulated for the industry in Sao Paulo alone, he estimates... More on pg. 2 Automotive sector works on ICMS credits recovering Weekly Brazilian automotive industry news | 2.4 to 2.9.2019 Year XIII Edition 866