12 3.11 to 3.16.2019 Car manufacturer S ão Paulo - Hyundai announced Monday 11 a total of R$ 125 million investment in Piracicaba, SP, so as to improve operations and also to acquire new equipment, such as robots. With those investments in place, its installed capacity will grow from 180 thousand units to 210 thousand per year – or from 36 to 42 vehicles per hour, in three shifts. According to the company, last year – due to specific efficiency gains in production processes – the lines in Piracicaba produced 193 thousand units. In a note, Eduardo Jin, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor Brasil, highlighted what made possible this increase in the production capacity ceiling: “Our plant underwent improvements in several areas, mainly concerning structures in welding, painting and assembly”. Jin stated that the extra 30 thousand yearly vehicles will primarily serve the domestic market, which, according to Anfavea, should grow in excess of 10% this year: “So Hyundai will be in a position to maintain its market share throughout the year”. Inaugurated in 2012 the Piracicaba plant had 2.5 thousand employees and produced 150 thousand units. One year later, with the third shift and an additional two hundred job positions filled, capacity grew to 180 thousand vehicles per year. Besides the domestic market, the HB20 and Creta models produced in this plant are shipped to Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Hyundai invests R$ 125 million in Piracicaba. AutoData Newsroom | redacao@autodata.com.br Photo: Publicity. AutoData News Agency Weekly Edition is produced by AutoData Editora Ltda . Rua Pascal, 1693 Campo Belo - São Paulo SP Brazil CEP 04719-001 Phone +55 11 5189 8900 . Translation: Pablo Blas. Graphic Project/Art: Romeu Bassi Neto. Associated Team: André Barros, Bruno de Oliveira, Caio Bednarski, Leandro Alves, Márcio Stéfani. Responsible Journalist: Vicente Alessi, filho MS SJPESP 4 874. Editorial agreements: Tiempo Motor (Argentina) and Flash de Motor (Venezuela). The copying and/or distribution without previous permission are strictly forbidden.