17 Expectations are higher for production and sales, with a reduction in exports In exports, though, the revision was downwards: from minus 28% to minus 45% or 40 thousand shipments. According to Marcos Fermanian, president of Abraciclo, the positive projections for sales and production demonstrate that the internal market did make up for the losses that the industry recorded in the external market. “The motorcycles that we did not export ended up being shipped to the dealerships, which saw their sales increase as a result of the bank credit scenario and promotions in the consortiums”. As for the sharp reduction in the export, Fermanian cites the crisis in the Argentinian market as responsible. Results. Thursday Abraciclo disclosed data concerning the performance of the industry in the quarter. Until March, the country produced 276 thousand 835 motorcycles, for an increase of 6.6% in comparison to the first quarter of last year. The volume was positive even though in March, the month of Carnival with 19 working days, production was smaller than March of last year, reaching 91 thousand 537 units, which translates to a reduction of 3.3%. Wholesale sales, in the quarter, reached 270 thousand 641 units, or an increase of 15.7%. In March, a total of 93 thousand 559 units were sold to the dealerships or 7.2% more than March of last year. Licenses in the quarter, meanwhile, reached 258 thousand 652 units, an increase of 17.9% compared to January-March of 2018. In March 83 thousand 798 licenses were attained, or 5.6% more than the volume registered in the same month of last year. In the three first months of the year, 11 thousand 382 motorcycles were exported, a reduction of 51.2% compared to the same period of 2018 when 23 thousand 320 units were shipped. In March the volume shipped was 3 thousand 525 units, a reduction of 54.5% in comparison to the same month of last year. Argentina was the main destination of the Brazilian export of motorcycles, with 3 thousand 832 units, or 37.7% of total exports. The United States and Canada make up the three main destinations. AutoData News Agency Weekly Edition is produced by AutoData Editora Ltda . Rua Pascal, 1693 Campo Belo - São Paulo SP Brazil CEP 04719-001 Phone +55 11 5189 8900 . Translation: Pablo Blas. Graphic Project/Art: Romeu Bassi Neto. Associated Team: André Barros, Bruno de Oliveira, Caio Bednarski, Leandro Alves, Márcio Stéfani. Responsible Journalist: Vicente Alessi, filho MS SJPESP 4 874. Editorial agreements: Tiempo Motor (Argentina) and Flash de Motor (Venezuela). The copying and/or distribution without previous permission are strictly forbidden.