4.22 to 4.27.2019 | Year XIII | Edition 875 ANFAVEA’S NEW MANAGEMENT WANTS TO INCLUDE BRAZIL IN THE AUTOMOTIVE REVOLUTION Competitiveness is, once again, the focus point for the new Boards of Anfavea and Sinfavea, which took over Tuesday 23, in a ceremony at the Monte Líbano Club, in São Paulo. To president Luiz Carlos Moraes the Brazilian industry has but one alternative to growing amidst the revolution the sector is going through on a global basis: to be more competitive Tier 2 and 3 are far away from innovation pg. 4 ZF invests in Limeira with an eye on exports pg. 6 Moura bets on lithium batteries pg. 8 Mahle moves to enter new areas pg. 10 New Peugeot 2008 starts production in Porto Real pg. 12