12 March 2019 | AutoData AUTOMAKERS » CLASSIFIED F uture productive programs are, by nature, classi- fied. But in the automotive industry, because of its unique characteristics, keeping secrecy is usually harder, despite all the efforts of the manufactu- rers: there are many people, areas and companies that supply parts and services which have contact with the plans. It is kind of that old popular saying to ensure that to keep a secret between three people, only killing two of them. With that, one or another leaks and reaches the pages of some specialized publication - something even practically traditional and common since our industry is industry. However, in this issue, AutoData has climbed a step in this kind of revelation. In an absolutely exclusive way, we removed the covers which hide the future projects that are already under deve- lopment in Brazil and Argentina of most of the manufacturers installed in Mercosur. And besides we added their respective production start dates and code names. Most of these projects circulated in the automakers aisles in complete and absolute confidentiality, sur- rounded by attention and care to avoid leaks. But that was not enough: find out, now, what they did not want you to know. By Marcos Rozen REMOVING THE COVERS AutoData unveils with absolute exclusivity the production plans of the main vehicle manufacturers installed in Brazil Stokkete/