4 » INDEX March 2019 | AutoData AUTOMAKERS CLASSIFIED AUTOMAKERS FORD EXCLUSIVE GENERAL MOTORS AUTO PARTS STRATEGY INDUSTRY PRODUCTION LAUNCH VW T-CROSS ANNIVERSARY MERCEDES-BENZ SMART CITIES LATIN AMERICA STUDY KPMG 12 18 22 28 32 36 44 40 46 AutoData exclusively reveals in this special report the production plans of the main vehicle manufacturers installed in Brazil for the beginning of the next decade A gift that is hard to swallow in the year to celebrate its centennial in Brazil: Ford announces the decision to close the historic factory in Taboao, in Grande ABC by the end of this year. Carlos Zarlenga, promoted this month to be the president of GM South America, tells exclusively to AutoData the efforts that will guarantee investments in Brazil The challenge to auto parts is that our vehicles need to evolve technologically. But how much national content will they carry? An exclusive survey by AutoData points out the total number of Otto cycle engines produced in Brazil: 2.6 million of these machines left our factories last year. The first Volkswagen SUV produced in Brazil, the T-Cross made in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, PR, breaks the boundaries of Latin America and reaches almost fifty countries There would be two decades since Mercedes-Benz inaugurated the unit in Juiz de Fora, MG, the first automobile factory built outside Germany The conversations of specialists for the development of intelligent cities in Latin America were very productive, but there is still a long distance from speech to action One of the points identified by the global study is the tendency for the union of rival companies to develop products or services together 4 6 48 26 52 FROM THE TOP Flávio Sakai, new president of AEA, talks about the transformation of engineering as a profession LENSES AUTODATA ASKS PEOPLE & BUSINESS END OF CHAT The backstage of the automotive industry. And the situations in the hornet’s nest that nobody pokes We choose a theme monthly and invite a specialist to respond Executive moves and other news from the Brazilian automotive industry The most relevant and irrelevant headlines of the month, handpicked by our editors