22 March 2019 | AutoData EXCLUSIVE » GENERAL MOTORS E lected Personality of the AutoData Award 2018 in December, Carlos Zar- lenga started this year shocking the automotive community by exposing the difficulties of GM’s operation in Brazil. In a statement he called on employees, suppliers, dealers and even the govern- ment to contribute to making a new in- vestments cycle viable and the future of the company in the country. In an exclusive interview to AutoData - the second publication to speak with GM Mercosul’s president this year - he STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT In an exclusive interview Carlos Zarlenga explains the efforts to guarantee investments in Brazil told that “after the increase in sales the financial results were not returning for several reasons. And when you have such long periods of losses the question that arises is: why are we going to keep investing?” Until the closure of this publication the negotiations were still happening, but not concluded yet. On the other hand, Zarlen- ga no longer doubted that the investment in Brazil was already guaranteed. Check out the main excerpts from that conversation: EXCLUSIVE » GENERAL MOTORS