11 DO YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS IN BRAZIL? READ AUTODATA! www.autodata.com.br The approval of Rota 2030, the sector policy that should replace Inovar-Auto, concluded in December, is “strategic” for the country, according to the president and CEO of Volkswagen Brazil, Pablo Di Si: “For me it is strategic that this is approved, it is strategic for Brazil. I’m not saying that I will earn R$ 1 more or R$ 1 less with this: it’s a matter of being fundamental, not for value but for the message that we pass to our headquarters. “ More on pg. 2 Rota 2030 is “strategic” for the country ChristianCastanho Weekly Brazilian automotive industry news | 2.5 to 2.10.2018 Year XII Edition 815